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January 18 2016

Stained Concrete Flooring

Stained concrete flooring is an easy do-it-yourself project that can improve the look of unattractive, plain concrete floors. Acid stains react with the concrete, as opposed to covering it up, resulting in a more permanent effect than paint. -Stained Concrete-

Many concrete stains are available in tans and earthy colors, they may also be mixed to create unique colors. Using a piece of test concrete available will let you experiment with colors and effects without soiling aspects of your floor. A diamond-edged saw could also be used to cut patterns and designs into the floor. This method can be used to create color boundaries for multiple color staining.

Any blemishes will continue in the concrete after staining. Before starting, remove the stains in any way possible. Cured or sealed concrete floors can not be stained. Also, when cleansing the floor before staining, never use acid based cleaners. These will react negatively with the acid stain.

Make sure you always wear the correct safety gear whenever using acid stains. Don't leave any skin exposed. Including wearing a dust mask and goggles. Keep the room well ventilated, as acid stains produce harmful fumes when wet.

Ensure that the floor is entirely dry after washing. This is best done by waiting overnight. Remember to apply an even coat in the entire floor. Most professionals prefer to use a sprayer to apply the stain. This is simply not necessary, but is mandatory. The more stain you have, the richer the final color. You can also employ a sealer to add a glossy effect towards the stained concrete flooring. Again, you should test this first to ensure you like the results.

Stained concrete flooring is an inexpensive way to protect your concrete floor and beautify it simultaneously. Using these quick tips, you can turn your drab concrete floor into an amazing feature that you can are proud of.  -Stained Concrete-

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